Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Vancouver Update: Spooky Drift

Every year Glenda signs herself up to participate in the Drift, a community arts event, and every year it sneaks up on her somehow. She always manages to come up with totally amazing installation pieces, but usually not without a little last minute panic first--but don't tell her I told you that!This year she was all geared up to make her Halloween costume when she realized the Drift was almost upon us. While lamenting the fact that she didn't want to take time away from working on her spooky attire, she realized "Hey, wait a minute....my costume can be art! Sweet!"

I'll skip the gory details (pun intended--ha!) about the hours Glenda spent slaving away--with a little silk screening help from Ms. Trish--transforming an *incredibly* ugly polyester wedding dress into the monstrously beautiful gown it is now; suffice it to say this one isn't for sale! ....I can't wait to see all the photos of Glenda and her man, Chris, done up as the corpse of Mozart and his lovely wife, Constanze.

On another note, I should let all the Vancouver Lily-ers know that we've just gotten our very first Nightingale Capelets in and they are fabulous. We also received three wool vests--just three!!--and apparently that's all she wrote for those cutie layering peices. One's already on hold to satisfy a request, so if you're thinking about these, come on down quick--or, better yet, give us a call!

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It's All Happening said...

HOLLA! I'll be in tomorrow Erin and thanks!
(hope you're open past 5!?)