Friday, October 29, 2010

Lily Inspiration: Halloween

Holidays are great for inspiring new creativity. Rather than pull out the same decorations year after year, we like to reinvent the wheel here. Sometimes that involves as much frustration as excitement, but we get that giddy sensation of trying to figure out some grand new scheme and that keeps us hooked.

I don't usually do Halloween decorations for the store, but this year my house is Halloween Central (photos to be shared with you soon) and I figured a little creepiness would be fun in the store too. And I mean "a little". While in Seattle Trish and I spied a shoe in a window with a bat wing attached, so simple... and yet it caught our eyes. That inspired me to cut out and paint some big bat wings yesterday. I attached one to each mannequin and to a few other things in the shop. Cute and creepy!

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