Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lily Home: Part two

Last week Steph blogged about a blanket I was making. I don't usually hang out in the sewing room, but last week I was pacing around the studio waiting for a phone call and started cleaning up the remnant fabric area. Yes, I am a Virgo. After cleaning I thought I would sew the scraps together and make a blanket. I made two blankets in the end, and here are the finished products.


glenda said...

Gorgeous use of scraps, and a great use of time Trish! I guess I should be prepared for a busy weekend in Seattle with you and Jan. I'll bring my notepad to document all the ideas we generate while shopping - looking forward to it!

Smoking Lily said...

I'm excited about Seattle too. Mama Burrito, Serious Pie, Anthropologie, Cafe Zoe, Nordstrom's Rack, Art Gallery, Pike Place, what am I missing?

glenda said...

Shorty's for pinball, Square Room to gaze at cement baby heads, Le Pichet for late night escargot, and maybe the Cyclops for a Sidecar nightcap?

Oh, can't wait for Serious Pie! I didn't get in last time - they had a two and a half hour wait!!

Did you mean Mama's Mexican or Bimbo's Bitchin' Burritos?

Smoking Lily said...

Oh yeah, it is Bimbo's, duh!

Shorty's for pinball is so much fun, I forgot about that place.

Serious Pie is good, but not a 2 1/2 wait good, especially when there are so many other great resturants close by.

Dave said Poppy was good and another place called Cafe......I forget, but it is in Capital Heights.