Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Vancouver Update: Fall Colours

The colours of Fall are really in full glory right now. Soft yellows and browns are competing with brilliant coppers and crimson reds. Every corner brings on a new jaw dropping deciduous visual extravaganza.

This morning I noticed some richly hued leaves had fallen into our window box here at the Main Street store. We've had no heavy frosts yet so our Bacopa's are still yielding pretty little white flowers, and the ornamental cabbages are a cool deep purple. Yes, purple. I'm sure there'll be some gasps and some giggles with the knowledge that I planted something purple. Even though it's my least favourite colour (by far!) I have to admit that it looks really nice in our window box. Especially accompanied by random leaves that have drifted in.

Oh Fall, how you continue to impress me year after year, as though for the first time. It's strange and yet comforting to be rejuvenated by decay again and again.

On the shop front, we are just unpacking the new Wool Wollaston dresses and lovely canvas tote bags with Octopi, and Enormous Anatomical Hearts, and Nests. We have loads of the new Silk Patch Scarves and our staple Hester Skirt is in a new black denim, plus a full range of Capes and Capelets. Mmmmmm cozy!

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