Monday, October 18, 2010

Victoria Update: a chill is in the air

Well fellow Victorians and Vancouverites, I don't know about you (perhaps I am just a spoiled west-coast baby) but this past week has been c-o-l-d.

Don't fret though! With the oncoming winter I love the process of discovering all of my awesome winter gear. Beautiful patterned pashminas, warm oversized sweaters, wool socks, toques, berets and all manners of hats. Not to mention all the beautiful colours! Rich reds, fuzzy soft whites, glistening greens, deep blues, and my new favorite the vibrant warm golden mustardy yellow.

And in case you've got the shivers like I do, you should come check out all of our new winter accessories at the stores.

Big Acrylic Scarves (these will be printed) $48

Angora/Acrylic Fuzzy Scarves $38-42

Smittens! $40
totally cute new hats! $10-22
AND a sneak peak of some upcoming scarves with silk applique patches :)


Erin said...

Liz! I'm obsessed with yellow as an accent colour, too! I think I drive glenda a little crazy....Can't wait to get those amazing appliqué scarves in Vancouver.

Nicole said...

Ahahahaha! ... great post Liz. Excellent photos!