Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lily at HOME: Rachael's Terrariums

So Rachael really dislikes writing on the blog, but she enjoys doing the jobs that others here hate, plus she's a pretty awesome co-worker, so she gets a pass. This week for Lily At Home we are writing about her side project, Fat Dog. She has been making fabulous terrariums using pretty ferns and mosses with hummingbird nests, eggs, bird skulls, and interesting trinkets adorn antique and new glass wear.

Here's Rachael's information on the terrariums:

"The glass vessels are both new and used, some from thrift stores, some from discount stores. The nests are from my back yard. Some of the plants (like the ferns and moss) are foraged from the woods. The closed terrariums should establish themselves to be their own environment, taking care of themselves. They do like it if you take the lid off once in a while for fresh air, but if all works out, and the plants are friends, they will make their own ecosystem. I am going to try some cactus and succulent terrariums soon - they will be open ones."

Fat Dog Terrariums (and men's ties!) available at Milkman's Daughter.


Stephanie said...

I bought one with a tiny dinosaur and fern in it! So cool, thanks Rachael!

Harini Babu said...

the pictures are very nice to see.. done good job
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