Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Where I Went on My Vacation: Seattle

This weekend Trish and Jan (our friend and Milkman's Daughter resident interior designer, of Modhaus) and I went to Seattle. W enjoyed the usual girls weekend activities - shopping, drinking and eating. We had a fantabulous time wandering and taking in the sights of a place that was "other" - not Victoria, not Vancouver, refreshingly other. Don't get me wrong, we looove where we live. It's just that a change of scenery is great for inspiration, for rejuvenating the imagination, and for the living in the moment experience of it all.

Trish was drawn across the middle of the street to check out this art work, which turned out to be a paper collage of a First Nations bust with a feather headdress and diamonds with diamonds. It is difficult to detect from the photo - and that's why we had to cross the street. It was really cool up close.

Love this view of the Camlin Hotel from the colourfully tiled I-5 overpass to Capitol Hill. Great ornate/concrete and glass juxtaposition.

I had been joking that my latest manicure looked like I went to an auto supply store, had them duct tape around my nails and spray them down with car paint. Then we passed by this car - hilarious!

This shop was under construction and must have had over 300 old Singer sewing machines in the windows and ready for other display.

A view from the central Seattle Public Library. It is an amazing place, designed in part by Rem Koolhaas. The ground floor wood flooring is completely covered in raised text of the first line of classic novels - amazing. It just gets more astoundingly interesting from there - the spatial design, the escalators, the carpeting, the sound scaping. Jan said it was so cool that she was still processing it the next day. Me too! It was so much to take in.


Erin said...

Trish looks waaaaay too into that public art :p

Smoking Lily said...

i never touched a diamond that big! and yes I really like good public art and THE WORLD NEEDS MORE!!!