Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Vancouver Update: Customer Ingenuity

Because we usually do small runs of garments here at Smoking Lily, it happens, on occasion, that customers who choose to ponder a purchase for awhile can miss out altogether. It can be disappointing, I know, I didn't get a 113 jacket! I actually went to my coat cupboard the other day to put on a 113 because it would have been the perfect coat for the day, wasn't there - I didn't purchase one...drat! I had to go with my Camouflage Coat instead (not such a sad ending after all). Ok, I'm getting side tracked here.

What one ingenious customer did when she realized she should have bought the Double Take Skirt below,

was get her Smoking Lily Chevron Skirt

altered to be more of a pencil skirt! She even added the buttons for a closer approximation.

Here's a photo she sent of herself in her creation. Way to go Janie, you're sharp!

She's adventurous in other ways too. She and her husband cycled from Terrace to Prince Rupert this summer - woah!

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