Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Mother Nature may have brought us rain, but Erica Weiner has brought us jewelry! Last week a brand new batch of fantastic and curious pieces arrived at Smoking Lily. We have a little something for everyone whether you are tickled over the idea of having a miniature "Freewheelin" harmonica necklace for those spontaneous jam sessions, or the "Penknife" necklace for those situations when you may find yourself in a bind.

And let's not forget all of the nature inspired feminine extraordinaires like the "Birdcage" and "Ginko" earrings as well as the "Ginko Leaves and Locket" necklace. This week, come in out of the rain take a look!

Friday, September 25, 2009

What's new

Korinne and Nicole were busy today making a new shirt for the fall.  It is made from machine washed merino wool and has Japanese cotton elbow patches. We are doing it in soft grey or teal. Very cozy for those cool fall days that don't seem to becoming this year.  Rachael redesigned the Elle Mariachi top this morning and looks great over top the long sleeve tee.    Aiko is busy cutting them out as I type and should be in the shops by next week. 

Friday, September 18, 2009

Pool Hall's A Hit and Cougar Annie is still goin' strong+Trish's B-Day

One of our favourite parts of making and selling amazing clothes is the wonderful feedback that we sometimes get from people! Most recently we received an e-mail from Emira Mears, the amazing lady that co-wrote along with Lauren Bacon, the very awesome book "The Boss of YOU- Everything a woman needs to know to start, run and maintain her own business." They were kind enough to feature Smoking Lily in their book, and now Emira owns a Pool Hall dress! Here's a quote from her:

"...[I] wanted to tell you that I absolutely love it. Love it. I've recently had to say good bye to large chunks of my wardrobe due to my expanding waistline and it was such a breath of fresh air/relief to have something new and lovely to add to my wardrobe which should last me a good long while yet. So thank you. Thank you." -Emira

On top of all this, five of the studio girls have had to have one...It is not all that often that we all get the same thing! This dress comes in super soft new soft black bamboo, green, taupe and magenta cotton, and it's got an original Smoking Lily silk screen!

Turns out Cougar Annie is so awesome that British Columbia Magazine did a little blurb about our Cougar Annie tees! (page 12 of the Fall 2009 issue) More and more people are coming in and asking for them, and rightfully so, as you can get her on pretty much any shirt we have! There is the orginal grey short sleeved woman's tee, men's shirt or boatnecks. We even do print your owns if you are itching to show Annie off on that super comfy hoody you have. Shown below is our Cougar Annie print.
Also, Sunday the 20th is Trish's Birthday! We just ate a delicious raspberry chocolate mousse cake to celebrate, Happy Birthday Trish!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

We Have a Winner!!

Thanks to every one that entered the contest, they were pretty fun to read.  Choosing a winner was so hard.  Most of the names were good, but after long hours of debating back and forth we choose our top five, threw them in a hat and picked out Janet's entry.  The new top is officially named Wanderluxe.  I think we will be christening after work tomorrow at down at the pub.          

Drop us a line Janet and we will get a Wanderluxe off to you asap.

Thanks again.