Saturday, November 21, 2009

Gone Fishin'

This past Sunday, I braved the rain and the dark and the cold to go river fishing for the day. I called Blair, one of our handsome male models, in advance to borrow some gear. He lent me a pair of neoprene hip-waders and some felt bottom boots. I don't think I've ever been this excited about sportswear. They made the day so much fun. Not only was I warm but I could play in the river endlessly! Here's a couple shots from the day - not to hard to tell I was having a good time despite our grisly weather. Cheers, glenda.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Holiday Ornaments

The holiday ornaments at Smoking Lily Vancouver last year were made from vintage lamps. This one was purchased and lovingly found a new home with Jan, one of our awesome, exuberant customers.

We are having fun creating our new holiday display. This year we went for paper rather than glass, words rather than lights, monochrome rather than colour. Well pop them up in the shop soon. And after the holidays they'll be available for you to purchase and take home.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fun Email

We received this email in from Andrea, a frequent mail order shopper, a few days ago.  I love her smile, when you look at this photo you just can't help feel the love. She was happy to let us share it with you, so we have a little something something coming her way.  If you have a photo to share us just send us an email.
"I bought a cape from you and wore it every day during the end of my pregnancy and I can still wear it now with a baby carrier.   This is definitely one of the best purchases a pregnant woman/ new mom could make. Several people have come up to me on the street and asked me where I bought the cape and I directed them to your site." Andrea.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy Fall in East Van

Ah, Fall! Even when it's wet, it's still pretty sweet. The colours have been particularly good this season down at New Brighton Park--East Vancouver's finest waterfront green space--so throw on some wellies and the extra snuggly Wolfshire Coat and go for a stroll!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Smoking Lily hearts Linda

It is Friday afternoon, the sun is shining and we have Linda Ronstaht blaring on the stereo.  Life is good. 
We just started production on our new winter dress and we think it would look pretty good on Linda.  It is made is laundered merino wool, comes in three sizes and it 'hurts so bad'. 
Have an awesome weekend!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Countdowns can add some spice to life. Lots of events are worth counting down. A countdown until holidays, a countdown until a new year begins, or maybe it could be a countdown until your fever breaks (get well all you piggy flu sufferers out there).

Yesterday signified another major countdown; 99 days until the Olympics kick off in Vancouver. Last week the Lily shop on Johnson had a front row exclusive with the flame.

Along with the flame came its cavalry...

Meanwhile, Smoking Lily was having our own discreet countdown. The countdown to cold weather on the coast. We've decided it is officially here, and we have prepared an excellent plan of action.

Our stores are completely stocked with comfort and warmth for these dark chilly days to come. We have an extensive variety of darling boiled wool mittens by Skeptic, gloves with long fingers, gloves without fingers, and scarves, scarves and mores scarves.

Come down and find a home for these cozy lovelies. Stay warm!