Thursday, November 5, 2009


Countdowns can add some spice to life. Lots of events are worth counting down. A countdown until holidays, a countdown until a new year begins, or maybe it could be a countdown until your fever breaks (get well all you piggy flu sufferers out there).

Yesterday signified another major countdown; 99 days until the Olympics kick off in Vancouver. Last week the Lily shop on Johnson had a front row exclusive with the flame.

Along with the flame came its cavalry...

Meanwhile, Smoking Lily was having our own discreet countdown. The countdown to cold weather on the coast. We've decided it is officially here, and we have prepared an excellent plan of action.

Our stores are completely stocked with comfort and warmth for these dark chilly days to come. We have an extensive variety of darling boiled wool mittens by Skeptic, gloves with long fingers, gloves without fingers, and scarves, scarves and mores scarves.

Come down and find a home for these cozy lovelies. Stay warm!

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