Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Calamity Jane

Rachael and Steph put their heads together and designed a spin on our John Wayne top.  

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Scooters and Tunics

We had a fun photo shoot with Stuart from the Capital City Scooter Club.  His club is hosting their 25th anniversary Garden City Scooter Run this weekend.  They are expecting about 200 scooterists from Portland, Vancouver, Seattle, Bellingham and as far away at Northern California and Calgary.  I was just checking out  their website and it looks like  a lot of fun plus they are raffling off this beautiful Silver 1973 Vespa. Stuart emailed to let us know the best place to see all the beautiful vintage scooters is Sunday, in front of the Empress Hotel at 1 p.m.

Thanks to Rae-Ann who modeled the Ampersand tunic in the freezing cold for the shoot.  We just received an email from a favourite customer of ours, Lisa in Halifax.  She wrote to let us know the tunic "is just a fabulous piece of clothing for a gal with hips and tits". Thanks Lisa!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day Winner!

Congratulations to Angela! She was the first person to match all of us up with our Moms! That was hard! Thanks to everyone who participated, keep your eyes out in case we decide to hold some other contests later! Here's our photos lined up in the right order....

Sooo Close!

Hey everyone, all of you are so close! If you wish to submit another time, please post your response on the "Hint" posting, it makes it easier to keep track of who is posting first. You're almost there!

The Big Hint!!!!

We didn't realize how hard this contest was...even the staff were having a hard time with it. Maybe we all look like our Dads, we'll see how we fare in June for Father's Day.  This is how everyone did:
Diane L you got Sue and Liz right
Katie F you got Diane A and Beth right
Angela you also got Diane A and Beth 
Justin you got Candice and her daughter Racheal right
Erin got Cathy and Erin right plus Nicole and Diane B right
Kevin you got Victoria and Glenda plus Diane A and Beth
Justin you got three right you picked Glenda, Erin and Nicole's Moms
Lucille You got both Erin and Glenda's right
and Leah you picked Deb and Steph out of the line up.

This is a pretty big clue so the first one in with the correct answer gets the prize!!!    

Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day Photo Contest

Happy Mother's Day! As a tribute to our wonderful moms we decided to put them up on our blog! If you can match the mom (all of the above women) to the Lily (all of the below) correctly than you win a $100 Smoking Lily gift certificate. To get a better view, just click on the image. The first person to post the correct combination wins! Good luck, and Happy Mother's Day. I love you mom!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Reminder: Sunday May 10th is Mother's Day!

Wouldn't your mom look regal in a Smoking Lily silk ascot? Pretty luxurious and pretty much the perfect Mother's Day gift, if you ask me. We've got quite the assortment of colors and prints to suit her as well, with more trickling in later this week. Give it some thought...Plus, how does this deal sound:

Buy a lovely silk ascot and get a colorful velvet wallet of your choice!

One of these could be yours....on us! Offer ends Sunday. Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lily of the Valley

Smoking Lily is now available in the Comox Valley! Well, it will be very shortly. 
Rusty Rooster home furnishings & accessories in Cumberland, is expanding their retail line. I just packed up a box of Lily goodness and it's on route as I type.
Rusty Rooster is located in sunny Cumberland at 2722 Dunsmuir  Ave. 
Go for a drive next time your in the hood and check it out!