Thursday, April 23, 2009

Updated: Ampersand/Vesuvius

Both this top and this dress are not necessarily new designs (well the Ampersand dress is quite new...) but they now come in exciting new colours! The top, named the Vesuvius has come in a myriad of colours, but now comes in the best colour of all....a gorgeous light dark blue. I don't know how else to describe it...Ink perhaps? (I appologize, the top looks very dark in this photo, but it is actually much lighter). It goes wonderfully with all sorts of prints in all sorts of ink colours and looks good on against anyone's colouring. (The Peacock feather print is so beautiful).

The Ampersand orginially came in grey, but we quickly cut and sewed our way through that bolt and how have moved on to the ever classic black. This dress is great, and I can assure you I know my way around this dress...I just spent all day sewing them! They have adorable little reclusive pockets, an invisible zipper, a stand up collar cool lines slimming you down all over the place, and of course the totally mod swirly ampersand on the back. Groovy baby. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Jewelry: Brevity & Erica Weiner

New necklaces and earrings have landed in the Smoking Lily shops. First, introducing Brevity. The white and black acrylic pieces feature geometric shapes and spring time flair. Perfect for embellishing a bright sundress or wearing to a summer bbq.

Erica Weiner continues to add romantic pieces to her collection including a mini skeleton key, a micrometer and the crossword. Also, some pretty earrings including big gold bent feathers and red rhinestones. Ooh la la.

I must say these lovely jewels compliment the fresh Smoking Lily collection perfectly. So, come swing by the shop and we'll have some fun getting you dolled up for spring!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Monday was Alex's last day at working here.  She has been part of  Smoking Lily for the last 8 years or so. You could usually find her in the ink room mixing new colours .... one of my favorites  is Saag, the deep dirty olive colour that we use on the black Porticciolo dress (the top dress to the left of this page).  She is a multi talented woman who's been the spare gal in the Victoria shop,  she designed the Petite Anglaise, plus Alex prints the majority of the tees here among a million other things.  Alex has finally moved on to start her own thing with the Floating Gold Iceberg gal's.  We will miss her and wish her well.   

Beth (our karaoke loving seamstress)is leaving to go back to Halifax next month with her beau, so this leaves a couple of positions available at Smoking Lily.  We are looking for a talented perfectionist who is fun and has the desire to learn. Do you enjoy sewing? Do you have screening experience?  Do you like working with others?  Well, we are looking for you.  Give us a shout at 250.382.5164 for more information.

I'm trying to find a photo of Alex for this posting and I think I need to move to another computer.  I'll find some and post them later in the week.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Where The Buffalo Roam...

On the first day of spring, a new boutique opened in Regina and they are carrying Smoking Lily prouducts as well as other Canadian designers. Co-owners Lisa and Brett, have got it all going on in the 1930 character home that houses the boutique,(that from what I gather is more of an art gallery of products) and holistic day spa above the shop. The ladies have many passions, from Lisa's own line of cruelty free cosmetics and Brett's Yoga instruction to fundraising for greyhounds, not to mention every thing Saskie!
Speaking on the phone the other day, Lisa was telling me about the Bison that roam in the pastures around the house and her Greyhounds go out to say good morning... It has left a real peaceful image in my mind.
The boutique is located at 2168 Smith St. or check them out at

Good Friday..... thank goodness

Ampersand Tunic

Black 113's with bikes and blooms

a beautiful ampersand

Warrior Bag prototype

It's been a busy week around the studio, and today we came in to finish off the odds and ends.
We made two new dresses that go in production next week. The first is a cute little mod tunic that was based on a dress of Glenda's and is great on the curvy gals. It is made in a super soft stretch linen and is named the Ampersand. The second dress was designed by Nicole and is a sweet little summer frock named the Marguerite. The cotton voile has tiny polka dots and is embroidered with roses. It makes me think of long country lanes, cream cycles and kisses. We made a Warrior messenger bag in linen and heavy duty cotton lining. It has two huge pockets for all your days survival gear plus a handy clip so you don't search for your keys. It's screened in the inside with a little message for you and the outside is screened with everything bird. We finished a new screen this week especially for the Ampersand plus little compass roses to go with the new ship print. We made lots of pants, Market Dresses, Le Petite skirts and now we are going to eat lots of well deserved chocolate!

Friday, April 3, 2009


Finally! We have some new pants.  They are made of black stretch cotton, wide-legged, cuffed, have an awesome copper-coloured button, and just a hint of print poking out of the left pocket. And they are oh so comfy! I kinda don't want to take them off.... 

They are priced at $118, available in sizes S - XL (we recommend going a size up from your usual size, as they are a tad on the snug side)