Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday..... thank goodness

Ampersand Tunic

Black 113's with bikes and blooms

a beautiful ampersand

Warrior Bag prototype

It's been a busy week around the studio, and today we came in to finish off the odds and ends.
We made two new dresses that go in production next week. The first is a cute little mod tunic that was based on a dress of Glenda's and is great on the curvy gals. It is made in a super soft stretch linen and is named the Ampersand. The second dress was designed by Nicole and is a sweet little summer frock named the Marguerite. The cotton voile has tiny polka dots and is embroidered with roses. It makes me think of long country lanes, cream cycles and kisses. We made a Warrior messenger bag in linen and heavy duty cotton lining. It has two huge pockets for all your days survival gear plus a handy clip so you don't search for your keys. It's screened in the inside with a little message for you and the outside is screened with everything bird. We finished a new screen this week especially for the Ampersand plus little compass roses to go with the new ship print. We made lots of pants, Market Dresses, Le Petite skirts and now we are going to eat lots of well deserved chocolate!

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