Friday, April 10, 2009

Where The Buffalo Roam...

On the first day of spring, a new boutique opened in Regina and they are carrying Smoking Lily prouducts as well as other Canadian designers. Co-owners Lisa and Brett, have got it all going on in the 1930 character home that houses the boutique,(that from what I gather is more of an art gallery of products) and holistic day spa above the shop. The ladies have many passions, from Lisa's own line of cruelty free cosmetics and Brett's Yoga instruction to fundraising for greyhounds, not to mention every thing Saskie!
Speaking on the phone the other day, Lisa was telling me about the Bison that roam in the pastures around the house and her Greyhounds go out to say good morning... It has left a real peaceful image in my mind.
The boutique is located at 2168 Smith St. or check them out at

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