Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Jewelry: Brevity & Erica Weiner

New necklaces and earrings have landed in the Smoking Lily shops. First, introducing Brevity. The white and black acrylic pieces feature geometric shapes and spring time flair. Perfect for embellishing a bright sundress or wearing to a summer bbq.

Erica Weiner continues to add romantic pieces to her collection including a mini skeleton key, a micrometer and the crossword. Also, some pretty earrings including big gold bent feathers and red rhinestones. Ooh la la.

I must say these lovely jewels compliment the fresh Smoking Lily collection perfectly. So, come swing by the shop and we'll have some fun getting you dolled up for spring!


Anonymous said...

Devin, you ROCK!

Ella said...

It's really very unique design of hand crafted jewelry pieces...