Thursday, October 14, 2010

Before and After: Door to Table

I found an old wood door in an alley on the way to work one morning this summer. A little sanding spruced it up quite nicely. It's still pretty rustic, but we like that around here.

Then on my way back from Bumbershoot, in Seattle, in September I bought a weird narrow table at a Goodwill south of Bellingham, for $6.99. I bought it for the legs (and the brackets that were included), thinking that they would be just the thing to turn the old door into a display table for the shop.

Here are the bits and pieces (the narrow board on the floor was the table top - odd),

And here is the door as a table! (sanded side as the top)

And here's a shot that I just took on my phone of the table in action, nicely displaying our kids clothes.


Mia said...

Glenda, you are amazingly crafty. Love it!

glenda said...

Thanks Mia! Creating new things for the shop is one of the many fun parts of working at Smoking Lily.