Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Vancouver Update: Fun With Woolly Pockets!

Now that the weather is finally starting to get cold, I find myself more concerned with the interior state of my house. Without sunshine and backyards to distract me, my thoughts are prone to wandering along the lines of, "Gee, I guess it really is time to reupholster that poor chair," "Where does all the clutter come from?" and, my favourite, "How the hell did I kill half the plants?!"

Now, I know I'm probably never going to reupholster that poor chair, and clutter? Pbbtthhh! It won the war years ago (oh, the joys of "character" homes with no closets. Argh!!). On the plant front, however, I think I may have finally found what I didn't even know I needed. Meet Wally! Made from recycled pop bottles, Wally is basically a plastic-lined felt envelope you screw into your wall, fill with dirt, then stuff with plants. The way they are built, water collects in a reservoir along the bottom so that the plant is never thirsty. Excess water is wicked up through the felt and evaporates, keeping plants from getting wet feet.

You can buy them in multiples and make large arrangements, or just have one little guy in a cosy spot. The best part is that they come with their own mounting hardware and don't need to be drilled into studs (if there is something I hate more than stud finders, I can't think of it right now!).

We have the single Wally size here in the Vancouver shop available in black, camel, and blue for $49 each. They do have other shapes and sizes, including the triple Wally planter, at The Milkman's Daughter, however; we are always happy to have Victoria send things over for us if you'd like to have a look here at the Main Street shop! I would also really like to encourage everyone to check out the Woolly Pocket website, as they have all sorts of amazing inspirational photos to snoop through....I, for one, know I will need all the inspiration I can get to put together a planter so insanely awesome that I no longer notice all the clutter. Go, Wally!

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