Saturday, October 9, 2010

Musical Chairs at the milkman's daughter

Available in two sizes and many prints. Washable cover and cube filled with fabric remnants. Small $110 Large $210

Set of 4 teak dining chairs $360
For your family of animals. Seats covered in 4 diffrent animal prints- hare, bison, jackall and red deer

Ottoman with drawer $140
Upholstered floral print. This little baby has lots of room for storage.

Very Charming French Settee $625
Upholstered in gold an black velvet stripe and linen printed with large flies. Sides come out, fold down and flip for ultra versatility.

Stop by the milkman's daughter at 1713 government street in victoria to see these fine products and many others.

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Erin said...

Oh, wow, guys. So beautiful! I keep meaning to email House&Home to tell them they need less boring, expensive crap from Toronto and more interesting, independent, quirky ours, naturally:p Maybe I should just send them these photos!