Thursday, October 21, 2010

Studio Update: Keebler Elves

In the studio we have been working like Keebler Elves, appliquéing men's shirts, knit scarves, and wool blankets, making them one of a kind. Here's a sneak peak at some scarves. They are in stores now. Whomever buys my favorite fuschia scarf, with green silk grenade printed applique, be good to it and enjoy. I had a hard time letting that one leave the studio... (tears)


Lisa said...

Is this the range of colours for the scarves?..or are there more?

They are lovely!

Smoking Lily Vancouver said...

Hi Lisa,

Yes, this is the colour range for the scarves. The printed patches vary greatly (hearts, skeletons, hares, moths, ants, jellyfish....and lots of pretty background prints)!