Thursday, October 7, 2010

Vancouver Customers: Adult Child of Hippies

We love our customers here in Vancouver. They are so engaging and diverse, and make our days all the more interesting.

A couple of weeks ago we received an hilarious and sweet email from our lovely customer Willow Yamauchi. Here are some excerpts:

This is my favourite shirt, I wear it by itself or layered, here I am also wearing three hats and three large bags, I don't recommend that everyone try to carry off this look!

This picture is taken in an outside art exhibit in Iceland, the rabbit and grey and black fit in very well with the Icelandic aesthetic!

Here's the Louis Riel again, this time with layered stripy top which takes it right into winter and fall-a must!

I'm not crazy about this picture, it's at my art show opening in Kaslo this September, but if you look, you can see the owl looking out of my pocket in the skirt! He is so wise and gives me fashion guidance.

Please feast your eyes on the glory of this outfit, this is full Rejykavik fabulousness, the Smoking Lily ship print skirt pulled it all together and was a focal point for fashion fun in Iceland!

Here's a link to my book, "Adult Child of Hippies", which started a "support" group for other survivors of communes and nudist colonies such as myself. It's a short humour book full of photos and hippie child memories.

Thank you Willow! As someone who's spent my life on the West Coast, and much time on the Gulf Islands, your project struck my heart and funnybone most acutely.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! None of the pictures are visible!

Smoking Lily said...

Oh dear! They are reposted now. Thanks for the update.

Willow Yamauchi said...

Thanks, Smoking Lily!