Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lily Sighting: BC Ferries

I was on my way over to The Milkman's Daughter's opening party, standing in line at the cafeteria counter on the ferry, minding my own business. Like, really minding my own business as I always do on the ferry crossing - my iPod washing positive sounds overtop of the din of babies and tourists and bored teenagers. As usual I was staring blankly ahead, far enough ahead to see the magazines and Denman Island Chocolates, but not far enough ahead to make eye contact with anyone. I prefer my travel time to be quiet time.

But there I was, waiting to order some fries, when into my field of vision pops a Smoking Lily zip wallet on a cafeteria tray. My solitary reverie was broken and I felt compelled to take off the headphones and actually make contact with the person in front of me. I startled her with "Do you mind if I take a photo of your wallet?" She was clearly in the ferry travel zone too. Turns out that she had received the wallet as a gift and had been loving it ever since - awh, nice!

We chatted for a bit, I took the photo, and then I fell back into my quiet space. She dined with friends. And then I was in Victoria....

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