Thursday, September 30, 2010

Studio Update: Woolen Vest

Hello from the studio!

It's "Let's get ready for fall" time--yayyy! I love fall because you can wear all sorts of extra clothes. None of this "Holy man, it's hot in here! I have to take my _____ off and risk having no one ever see it or compliment me on it. I must resort to wearing this one singular garment instead. Hmm....I hope it holds it's own and looks good without any extras."

Now really. What's the fun in that?

That is why we have invented layering--go layering! Just with layering in mind we've come up with the best little vest ever. It's form-fitting (so you look more chic and less grandpa), has an adorable pocket, and goes with all sorts of colours because it's really dark blue. The pockets even have ribbon decoration on them: either a 70's mexican tile kinda pattern or cute "eskimo" and husky mush mush dogs. So totally awesome; throw on that boatneck tee of yours, toss on this vest and you are set!

Beware if you want one of these, however, as there are only about 12 in existence in the entire universe. We will have them divvied up between all stores, but you've been warned--numbers are limited and it's first come, first...vested?

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