Monday, September 27, 2010

Where I Live: James Bay/Beacon Hill

James Bay is the oldest neighborhood in Victoria. It is full of amazing heritage homes built in the early 1900s, including the birthplace of the famous artist Emily Carr. Things I love about James Bay...where do I begin? If you left in the morning, you could walk downtown, up past the Inner Harbor, feed some seals at Fisherman's Wharf, stop for a cup of tea at Ogden Point, walk through the lush paths and pebble beach near Dallas Road on the Juan de Fuca Strait, feed some ducks in Beacon Hill Park, maybe even pet a goat there too, and you're back in time for lunch. Whew! And if you're hungry for something local, Niagara Grocery sells fresh bread and baked goods, local veggies, produce, and pretty much anything else tasty you can dream up! They even roast their own coffee, oh my! It is a hidden gem...that you all now know about!

Here are some pictures from Sunday: Heritage house with nice garden, path on Dallas Road, gnarly tree and peacock in Beacon Hill Park, and local veggies at Niagara Grocery.


glenda said...

Gorgeous neighbourhood Stephanie, and such lovely snippets to share with us. Thanks!

Smoking Lily said...

Love the Niagra Grocery shop, one of our cities best neighbourhood corner store.

Smoking Lily said...

Steph told me there was a wedding at the Niagra Grocery this week. The groom had said people traditionally get married in a church because of their believes, well he believes in good food.