Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lily Spotlight: Conquistador Bolero

I have always secretly felt that bolero jackets are one of those pieces that really separate the fashion wheat from the chaff: they're "outside the box" enough to throw a lot of people off, yet look amazingly sharp on. "But, with the cropped length and short sleeves, what would I wear them with?" you might which I reply, "Ha! What wouldn't you wear them with!"

Though I really loved the lighter, 70s-style denim of the Conquistadors we had in earlier this summer--which looked fantastic with tank tops, sleeveless dresses, and tee shirts--the new, darker denim ones we have in now are really, really awesome. I'm rocking one here with a tank, skirt, boots and tights, but love the way they look layered over snug-fitting, long-sleeved tees like our 3/4 length boatneck shirts (here is a very sassy picture of Margaret with just that outfit on!).

So be brave and experiment with difference--others will marvel at your effortless chic-ness and how you stand out in a crowd!


Smoking Lily said...

I think the Galloping Goose skirt that you are wearing in the photos is my all time favourite Smoking Lily skirt. I've worn mine to the print room once too many have have blobs of black and Jan's bedroom ink on it. I've got to replace it.

Smoking Lily Vancouver said...

Yes, bring back the Galloping Goose Skirt! Our lovely customer Erin came in wearing her navy one on Wednesday - it looked great too!

Erin said...

That skirt was the very first Smoking Lily thing I bought after I started working, so it has a very special place in my heart. I also wear the living you-know-what out of it; it goes with everything!