Friday, September 24, 2010

Lily Inspiration: Nature

While photographing tees yesterday, Diana noticed a snail hovering on the cement wall near her.

At first she thought it was dead, but when she gently removed it from the wall, she realized it was alive.

We admired the structure and colours of its shell and the delicate movements of its antennae (maybe a snail print would be strange/beautiful?), and then gently placed it on the grass nearby. We got all caught up in the moment and giggled in our childlike state of being in awe of nature. Beauty and joy are everywhere - even on cinderblock walls in driveways - how uplifting!

Too bad we won't be quite so enamoured with the slugs who are soon to creep out onto our wet sidewalks.


Smoking Lily said...

Your last comment glenda made me giggle. I hate those creepy slugs.

Erin said...

That last photo of Diana is *so* perfect, glenda-she looks so happy:)