Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Where I Live: Burnside/Gorge

I live in Victoria, a twelve minute (on average) bike ride from Downtown in a cute little area called the Gorge. It's pretty industrial, with lots of rugged looking men trapsing around in steel toed boots (sadly not very good looking.) The cabinet shop and the paint store are within throwing distance of my house. There is also a tow truck family that has decided to buy up most of my block...but I love it! I am a five minute walk from the famed Galloping Goose trail and the ocean--the Gorge actually. I can walk into downtown in a half hour, or I can get right onto the #1 Highway or #17 Highway without having to traverse town to get up island or to Sidney or the ferry terminal. I have three chickens in my yard, with a couple of fruit trees. I can go for walks down to the SPCA and say hi to the kitties, or go get my lawn mower blades and scissors sharpened next to the tool rental shop. Also, Westcoast Appliance is right there which was really great when our dryer in the studio went kaput. Ooo yes, and when I have yard debris I can take it right down to the city's recycling center! Other people have to go so far. I live in a pretty awesome little part of Victoria.This is Charlotte
My three little hens. The black one is Jane, then Louise and Charlotte.
The view of the Gorge, a few minutes walk away from my place. That's the Galloping Goose tressel.
On the tressel with a view over the Gorge looking at the Bay Street Bridge. Straight ahead is Vic West, and slightly to the left is Downtown. To the right is Esquimalt.

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Kim Perkins said...

Hi Lily,

Thanks for sharing this post. It's great to read all the reasons why you love our neighbourhood. I would also like to recognize the great sense of community that exists in the area. This is particularly evidenced by the volunteers and participants who attend community events such as the Gorge Waterway Cleanup and the Selkirk Waterfront Festival!

We agree that Burnside Gorge is a pretty awesome little part of Victoria.