Friday, September 24, 2010

Store Update:Timothy Wilson Hoey

Last year Rachael (you know her voice if you have placed a mail order with us) introduced me to her good friends, Tim and Candis. He is an artist and she's a fabulous hair stylist. I must say it has been great getting to know them. She has since become my hair dresser, I think she does a great job. I now have bangs which I thought wouldn't look good, but I can rock the look, so thanks Candis!

Now her husband Tim is an artist and all-round awesome guy. He is well known for his O-Canada paintings, but he has also created this series of works called 'Hey You Want Your Stuff Back?' These are one of a kind creations he put together with found objects from beach combing and stuff his friends have found. We are so excited to be featuring a selection of this series (see photos above) at The Milkman's Daughter.

Thanks for the introduction Rachael!

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