Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Where I Went On My Vacation: Bumbershoot

Each year I get together with some diehard Bumbershoot fans and spend 3 or 4 fun-filled days in Seattle. Actually, I missed last year because my cat had a dental emergency the morning I was to leave and required a personal nurse for a few days - sometimes family has to come before fun. This year I managed to leave all obligations behind and hit the 3 day fest running.

I didn't take my camera along so that I would spend less time capturing and more time experiencing, but here are a phone photos.

Great road trip info:

It was an odd music line up this year, but that allowed me to partake in more film and comedy and dance performances than I usually do. It was nice to mix the nutty routine up a bit.

My favourite stage each year: (this year - Delorean, Dandy Warhols, Raveonettes, Hey Marseilles...)

Rather obvious signage (it was the only entrance):

Here's a shot of our long-time Lily model, Blair, and my boyfriend, Christopher, (both wearing Smoking Lily men's tees) taking a rare rest. It may seem strange that the Krazy Kastle at the mid-way was restful, but if you've been to Bumbershoot you know well that the constant walking and running between venues to do more standing and dancing (for a full hour and a half in the rain to the English Beat!) does require grabbing a seat wherever you can.

Thank you Blair and Christina for turning your 10 year Bumbershoot addiction, into a full blown infatuation of mine too. Looking forward to next year!

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