Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lily Home: Stools!

In addition to being a fantastic stylist, one of glenda's many talents here in Vancouver is the uncanny ability to consistently find the best stuff in thrift shops. Yes, she is our very own Sally Anne Superwoman--and, really, isn't that a much better super power than x-ray vision? (She does surprisingly well in alleys, too, come to think of it....)

One of the things glenda is constantly on the lookout for are cute or unusual stools to be given the Smoking Lily treatment; things that might have great legs but really ratty seats look amazing when given a good cleaning and some fantastic new upholstery. For example, the little stool on the left ($116) is insanely cute now, with its tiny dimensions (12" x 10"!), large, single button, and beautiful saag green silk dupioni playfully covered in airplanes. Nice!

Also in the Vancouver shop at the moment:

The only stool/chaise combination I have ever seen-- quite possibly the only one in existence. ($196)

Amazing Jesus needlepoint storage stool ($110)! Because Jesus loves storage....Well, I suppose Jesus *does* love everything and everyone, but still!

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