Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Sometimes when we are out scouring the globe for cool accessories for the shops and raw materials for production we get a little side tracked. When you're out second-handing thoughts get pulled in all directions - Why did velvet paintings go out of fashion? Who dreamed up toilet paper cozies? Are used hot rollers ever going to be purchased? How can I possibly justify another vintage suitcase (or insert your own personal addiction here) entering my home?

Rhonda (a friend, a brilliant pastry chef, and the woman who makes the ALure jewelry we carry - made from fishing lures and accessories!) and I recently went in search furniture for the Vancouver shop and men's shirts for the Maelle Tunic Erin is so in love with. Here's a little of what we got side tracked by.

Aah, the velvet paintings.

Rhonda thought his housecoat was something Laura Ingalls would have dreamt of owning. It was scarily satiny polyester.

I think this thing must have been a Mrs. Claus costume. It had boa trim on a gauzy red outlayer, but it was lined with the thickest flesh-toned fleece. Here it looks like some pumkin elf nightmare - spectacularly horrible. Guess you had to feel it.

Awesome leather chaps!

Fake Racoon hat - why?

Fortunately, I did find a pile of excellent men's shirts and furniture. So be prepared for an ongoing influx of superb Maelle Tunics and visual displays in the shops.

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