Sunday, March 7, 2010

Own The Closet!

The Maelle Tunic, inspired by Canada's very own snowboarder extraordinaire, Maëlle Ricker, has hit the stores and it is awesome! A versatile piece, it looks great with all sorts of jeans, tights, boots, and flats. Being 5'2", I like to wear mine as a dress with a belt and a cardigan thrown over top (and yes, I can hear our Vancouver customers rolling their eyes and asking, 'What doesn't Erin wear a cardigan with?'--a question for the ages if ever there was one). I think I actually squealed when Glenda and I pulled these out of the box last week and we--and by "we" I mean my Maelle and I--have been inseparable ever since. Best of all, since they're made of upcycled men's shirts, no two are alike, leading one to ask, "Why have one if you can have half a dozen?!" (or at least it leads me to ask. Hmmm.....).

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