Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lily Inspiration: Other Blogs

I have to admit to a daily addiction of perusing a number of cool blogs. Design blogs are a particular guilty pleasure. I balance my guilt by keeping tabs on TED and BBC News, but all those gorgeous photos, showing off peoples' ever impressive design creativity, continue to draw me in.

Lately I was inspired by a DIY post on design*sponge, one of my daily sources of eye candy. This particular photo got my mind working on a Lilyfied project.

Brenna's waxed paper chandelier is so smart and super pretty. I decided to use her awesome lamp as inspiration for a Smoking Lily window display for our new shop, "the milkman's daughter".

I sandwiched Lily images between the layers of waxed paper and created a backdrop for the front window. Here are a few shots of the final product.

It's nice when inspiration is at the tip of your fingers! Thanks Brenna!

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Hayley said...

crafty! and nice shoes!