Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Vancouver Update: Dancing Leaf Jewelry

Earlier this month I promised to post a few more photos of Noriko Kobune's Dancing Leaf Jewelry. Here are a few shots of her "Bouquet" Rings and Earrings.

Each piece is a stunning collection of beads and semi-precious tones and vintage buttons. They have such a vibrance and sweet delicacy. The added bonus is that they are supremely durable. I have had my Bouquet Ring for over a year and it's has been dragged in and out of pockets and purses and has been washed (as I forget to take it off) over and over again, and the ring is beautiful as ever. Strength and beauty is a lovely combo.

Here are a few of the rings we have in the shop at present.

And earrings.

She also makes gorgeous lace pieces (as mentioned in my previous blog post), below are two white lace bracelets. We carry her lace earrings and necklaces as well. As Noriko is constantly bringing in new creations, I'm certain that I will be posting more photos of her work soon.

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