Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Vancouver Update: Dancing Leaf Jewelry

Hi! I'm over in Victoria soaking up all things new at the studio - fun times!

My blog post today was going to be multiple shots of the Dancing Leaf jewelry we carry at the Vancouver and Victoria shops. I was hoping to take some photos of the jewelry here in Victoria, but Trish and I were really busy with chop saws and airguns - there's exciting things going on over here.

So, I'm posting the only photo I have of Noriko Kobune's Dancing Leaf Jewelry that we are carrying in Vancouver. Embarrassingly it's a photo me (it feels oddly narcissistic - guess it's obvious I'm not on Facebook!). But, isn't Noriko's lace necklace beautiful? She also makes earrings and bracelets out of Japanese lace that she hand dyes (some with tea and BC wine!). As well, she is the genius behind the lovely Bouquet rings and necklaces - gorgeous creations of beads that resemble stunning floral bouquets.

I'll post more photos of the Dancing Leaf Jewelry soon!


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Erin said...

Glenda Roach: Narcissistic Smoking Lily manager extraordinaire? ...oh please, Glenda! You look great!! On a related note, Noriko was just in the shop yesterday and dropped off some beautiful new royal blue and grey lace jewelry. She is also going to send us some great photos to share:)