Monday, August 9, 2010

Best Obi Blog Ever

It's finally time to discover the answer to one of the most common questions we get asked: How do you tie the obi belt?
The answer: sorry... actually there is no right way...
BUT! Don't despair, me and some of the ladies here at the studio have made videos of some of our favorite ways.

To start off, the obi belt has 2 sides. You can tell the difference by looking at the center of the belt and seeing that it is shaped differently on the top and bottom. If you wear it with the scoop up (pictured on the right), the belt can be worn just under the bust as an empire waisted accessory. This is great for all those small busted/big hipped girls out there (myself included). It accentuates the smallness of your waist, makes your legs look longer and draws the eye up towards your face. Think of an arrow pointing up!

If you wear the scoop facing downwards (pictured on the left) the belt looks great worn around your waist to elongate your torso, busty or tall ladies, this is great for you!

This way also looks really nice if you wear it around your hips to give some movement to a drapey garment, like our fabulous Hama Dress, shown in one of the videos below.

To start off we'll do the scoop side up ties:
Below is a video of how to tie a scoop side up (empire waisted) bow over our new colour of the Rhonda Honk Honk dress. Very pretty!

And here is how to do a lovely rosette knot.

How about a scoop up folded over box knot? Tres fancy.

And for the scoop side down ties:
Here's a single loop bow (like the bow above with only one loop) done around the waist over the Oscillator - THE dress to have for autumn.

Below is a hip tied scoop down simple box knot to add some movement to our delicious bamboo cotton hama dress.

Finally, we have a way to wear it with jeans! Casual and pretty, folded over and threaded through belt loops to be tied in a rosette on the hip.

One last tip: when trying out these knots, the easiest way to get a clean and crisp bow or knot is to try and keep the fabric flat when folding (not twisted or bunched).

Now go young padawans, tie your belts with experimental fervor and passion! Good luck :)

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