Thursday, August 19, 2010

Spotlight: Rusty Rooster

Lots of great stuff is happening in the studio right now in preparation for the move into fall, but I thought that today I'd introduce you to Rusty Rooster, a boutique in Cumberland BC where you can find some Smoking Lily treasures outside of Victoria and Vancouver.

Rusty Rooster is located at 2722 Dunsmir Avenue in Cumberland and caries a variety of Smoking Lily clothing and accessories, as well as baby products, stationary, natural products for your home and body, soy candles and some amazing upcycled furniture.

On the left here is one of our black Lily Dresses on display outside the front of the shop.

Above are two lovely displays of Catherine Gabriel's up-cycled furniture. The photo on the left has a couple pairs of last winter's Pajama Pants hanging in the background behind a Sheet Music Cabinet, and on the right our Kid's Quilts are cute as all-get-out surrounded by these home-wares (that mirror?! *drool).

Finally, they have a great kids section showing our Lap Top Tees, Tiny Dancer Dresses, Onzies and Baby Quilts.

If you live in the area, or are going up-island on a road trip you should stop in and say hello!!

We have many stores across Canada featuring our clothing and accessories (such as Seed in Regina and Room 6 in Deep Cove) and will start featuring them here on our blog so you can find some Lily close to home.


Erin said...

Liz! That is so strange: not three minutes ago a gal was in the shop telling me she saw our stuff in a cute little store in Cumberland!

Liz said...

What sererdipidy!