Friday, August 20, 2010

Smoking Lily Inspiration: Not always what you'd expect

I am not saying that I necessarily get inspired by eggs. Although I would say that going out each morning to collect the eggs from the chickens in your backyard can be quite the experience. I could go on about how beautiful it is at 5-8am (depending on the time of year that the sun is rising) or how cute it is when each of my three girlies takes the morning leap from coop to ground rushing her way quickly to the shed to get fed. Yet I am not going to. It's nice, but not super inspirational.

I am instead going to go a slightly more Smoking Lily route with things. Here we are all about getting inspired. We love sunrises, outdoors, chickens, and all that, but what's extra awesome is weird things. Things that don't happen every day.

The other morning I went out to do my morning routine, just as usual. There was a fine mist in the yard, the sun peeking it's way over the edge of the clouds, casting rays of sweet light through my fruit trees and onto my face. I opened the coop and... there was this HUMONGOUS egg. Normally there are three normal (well not by grocery store standards) but normal, to me, eggs in the nest. Today there was only one really huge egg, as though the three that were normally there had conglomerated into one single egg. I was astonished. I looked down at the girls, and said out loud at 7:15am, alone in my yard, wearing my Hello Kitty housecoat and rubber boots. "Holy crap. That must have hurt." I took it inside and lining it up next to my quilting ruler, took a picture. (it was 3 inches tall!) I'd say a grocery store egg is probably about 2'' tall.

I thought about how I would have to tell all the girls in the studio, and of course, how much you'd all like to check out this feat-of-nature chicken egg. I ended up selling that particular egg to the guy downstairs in the Pita Pit, and he asked if maybe one of the chickens was actually part ostrich. I asked him to tell me how many yolks were inside. Later he reported only one. One big one.

So yes, this is perhaps not your traditional inspiration, but it is something that brought me joy and excitement, as most inspiring things should do. I hope that today brings you giant eggs as well.


glenda said...

hilarious! weird! and fun!

What are your chickens names Nicole?

Nicole said...

Louise (who used to be best friends with Thelma, who was tragically taken from us by a demonic raccoon along with poor Elizabeth) Charlotte, and Jane.