Thursday, August 5, 2010


I've been eating loads of cherries this summer, so I asked a pastry chef friend of mine, Rhonda, for recipe suggestions. She immediately said "Clafoutis!" (pronounced cla-foo-tee). Of course! How did I forget this classic French dish. I made it years ago with peaches, but the classic cherry version, baked with the pits in, is awesome. I particularly like it for breakfast or a snack the next day, although the hot juicy cherries with their almondy goodness from the pits is a great out-of-the-oven sensation...

Here's a shot of my second attempt (The first was a disaster as I was socializing too much and forgot to put in an ingredient, one cup of milk! You can only imagine the difference that would make in the end product. It was still edible, but my boyfriend's comment was that he "ate all he could" - oh dear). The second attempt faired much better, enjoyed by all - day of and day after!

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Smoking Lily said...

mouth watering good, I'm hungery.