Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vancouver Update: Upcycling Strikes Again!

While reading an article recently on the "inevitable" demise of the printed word (I think it's a bit premature to call, but maybe that's just me!), I got to thinking about all the creative ways people might have to start repurposing all those "outdated" things. Out of curiosity, and with Glenda's awesome holiday window display made from old books in mind, I embarked on a Google-tastisc image search to see what all people were getting up to. Wow! There are too many to recount, but here are a few of my favourites:

Book wreath! Compliments of Apartment Therapy.

Super cute book planter, available from Italian design firm Gartenkultur.

Incredibly detailed "book sculpture," from artist Brian Dettmer, using an old copy of Grey's Anatomy (reminds me of our new Enormous Heart print).

Stunningly ethereal sculpted pieces from artist Jacqueline Rush Lee.

...On an entirely unrelated note, I also wanted to let all the Vancouver Lily-ites know that we have our first official fall piece in the shop, the fabulously cute new black cardigan (name still T.B.A.)! I know it's hard to imagine that summer is almost over when it's thirty degrees out, but it's coming, people, it's coming;)

P.S. The very top image was from an ad campaign for the Prague boutique, Anagram Bookshop. It's not actually made from a real book, but I love octopi and it was just too charmingly whimsical not to post...


Mia said...

Hello Erin,
As an ex-Vancouverite Smoking Lily shopper, I would love to know how I can get my hot little hands on these (black and cream) cardigans, please!!


Erin said...

Mia! Send Glenda and me an email (vancouver@smokinglily.com) and we will see what we can do:) The first one sold right out of the box to a gal who tried it on with a pink polka dotted camisole underneath--so cute!