Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lily inspiration: Dogs

For the past few weeks, I have been walking SPCA dogs with my husband Ben. Ben has always wanted a dog, and because we couldn't get one in our small apartment, he decided to start volunteering at the SPCA. He talked about it so much that I decided to start tagging along a few weeks ago and I love it! The dogs are so excited to see you, and you can walk a different one every week. Here are some of my favorites!

My favourite is Loki, a pitbull mix who is super friendly and sooo cute!

Tawny is a really friendly pitbull, maybe lab cross, and she was still waiting for a new home earlier this week!!

This is Ben with Lenny, a husky mix, who had lots of energy and excitement, and a beautiful coat of hair. He's was still at the SPCA earlier this week too!

If you want to volunteer, donate or help, please go to for more info.
Also, if you were wondering, all 43 of the chihuahuas have already found new homes.

In the spirit of dogs, here are some running greyhounds one of our freshly made duvet sets available in the Vancouver shop.

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Erin said...

Steph! That is so cool you guys do that!! How cute are they?! ...I also had to laugh when I unpacked the box with the greyhound duvet set--we have at *least* one confirmed greyhound aficionado in Vancouver (Hi, Janet!) who will be interested to see this, I think;)