Friday, August 20, 2010

Yes, Eggs!

I was charmed by Nicole's last blog post - so cute that you have chickens Nicole! And yes, I agree, pleasure and inspiration can come from the smallest of things. Well, in the case of Nicole's giant egg, it was a humongous little thing.

I too was recently inspired to photograph eggs. I was vacationing in Cherryville, B.C. earlier this week and woke to our hostess coming in with fresh eggs from the barn - in a basket nonetheless! She gently washed each one, and as she placed them on a towel to dry the most beautiful linear arrangement of orbs appeared. She must have thought I was crazy as I photographed her regular morning chores (oh, silly city girl!), but I couldn't resist.

They are beautiful, no?


Smoking Lily said...

the last photo would make a great print for a skirt

Erin said...

Egg print! I love it!