Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Vancouver Update: Fall is in the air...

Despite the continued sunny days, fall is definitely in the air of late. The shop is full of nice, cozy browns and greens, I've pulled my boots back out, the fleecy Oscillator Dress and boiled wool goodness of the D.D. Jacket (as we call it in Van!) are starting to make a looooot of sense--life is good. Yesterday--while buying a bison tea towel--someone even told me about a pet buffalo a friend of friends of hers has in Alberta; apparently the buffalo even drives around with his "owner" in some sort of modified Cadillac!! I swear, we hear the best stories in here...

Here are a couple quick snaps of some of the new things we've gotten in recently (and I apologize, as glenda takes much, *much* better photos than I do!):

Unisex adult and toddler-sized cardigans! (xs+sm, $52; sizes 2+4, $32)

Super cute leather satchel-style purses ($93)

We have lots of other fall things in as well, including a smattering of the D.D. Jacket in brown and raspberry (more coming on Friday!), a fantastic, light blue cotton purse called the Randy Bag ($86), and our very first wool mittens of the season (thanks, Steph!). We'll do our best to get photos up soon, don't worry! In the meantime, relax, sip some nice, hot tea and watch the leaves change. Lovely.

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