Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Vancouver Update: Men's Tees

As I was hauling in my boyfriend's laundry yesterday, I realized that he has quite the fantastic Smoking Lily men's tee collection. The tees below are just some of the recently washed summer tees, there is a pile of long-sleeve tees as well. I'm guessing that there are a few clothes-lines that look like this in the Lily family.

We have a wide variety of colours and prints available in all sizes (small through extra large) in the shops right now. Great for Father's Day gifts! As are the ties!


Anonymous said...

I am student nurse in Ottawa and when I was doing my maternity placement one of the new dads was wearing a smoking lily tee. So of course I exclaimed "IS THAT A SMOKING LILY T-SHIRT!" and we had a lovely little exchange about you and the west, here in the east! -kim

Smoking Lily Vancouver said...

Wow, good one Kim. You were working, and learning, paying attention to your surroundings, and exhibiting good bedside manner? Impressive!

Thank you for the story!