Monday, June 20, 2011

Victoria Stores Update: Bamboo Pyatt Tunic and Turquoise Mt. Pleasant

This week in the stores we have some great new colours and fabrics in the Pyatt Tunic and the Mt. Pleasant top.

The Pyatt Tunic is now available in Clay in 100% Bamboo. Perfect for layering, this fabric is like nothing else. The taffetta like material is silky smooth with a shiny finish and crisp texture, breathable and light as air. The tunic features a front-back reversible scoop neckline and pockets with a print.

Clay Pyatt Tunic $92 with matching Silk Obi
Shallow scoop neckline and Squirrel print on pocket

We also have a new colour in the Mt. Pleasant top as well this week. Featuring an all-over repeating Canoe print, this Turquoise top is perfect for wearing if you're going out on the water to do a little paddling.
Turquoise Mt. Pleasant with new Canoe print $85

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