Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lily Projects

Some exciting things are happening around here, despite almost all of our sewing ladies being away (Steph is about to have a baby any second, Nicole is galavanting around New York City, and Joanne is in her hometown, Gibsons Landing)!

We still have many projects on the go, of course, and here is a little sampling:

Trish is recovering this chair with fabric printed in
our new garlic print!

Furniture waiting to be rejuvenated with new fabric...

Our newest addition to our Cypress skirt collection:
black linen with a grey ship!

New blankets with a variety of beautiful prints and
finished with lace trim...

Vintage miniature tea sets...Trish is still deciding what to do with them.

Grey Squirrel Hunter tunics ready for printing...

and Korrine sewing Lucrezia dresses in Stormy Night fabric!

We are fortunate to be sending our goods all over the world, to Smoking Lily fans near and far, through our online mail orders. Sometimes we wonder who all these great people are, and what they are doing in their lives? We would love to know what you are up to out there! If you have time in your busy life, we would be thrilled to receive a photo of you, doing something fun (or mundane) while wearing Smoking Lily goods. We also thought it would be fun to post them on our blog! You can send them to

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