Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lily Spotlight: Ivanhoe Bags

For today's spotlight, I thought I'd post some quickie snaps of the three Ivanhoe Bags ($220) we currently have here in the Vancouver shop. The Ivanhoes (does that sound weird? That sounds weird...) are awesome because each one is completely different from the next. We make a lot of unique things here, but these guys really take the cake. First, Trish lays out raw canvas and actually paints it. She then goes a little crazy with multiple silk screens in various colours. Once that dries, Trish then coats the material with Varathane, which not only looks shiny and feels sort of neat, but has the added bonus of making the bags more or less waterproof! Once all that is finished, the fabric is then cut up and sewn with leather and cloth lining to create the final product. Phew!
This bag is particularly cheeky because when the front pocket (pictured at top) is unzipped, you're staring straight at a horse that is otherwise mostly hidden. (I should also mention that the colour turned out quite purlple-y in these shots; the bag is definitely blue in real life.)

Tractors and flies--with filigree, tulip heads, and birds! Makes perfect Smoking Lily sense, right?

This bag is particularly cool because it features an awesome two-tone front panel, showing off the spot where Trish would have switched from painting the canvas in one colour to another (in this case, black to a light seafoam-teal).
Love the bullet print wrapping around the bottom and marching across the back--with some flowers, naturally!

One last awesome thing about the Ivanhoe Bag is that, because it's made primarily from cotton canvas, it's actually quite light. If you can resist filling it full of fabulous things--something I'm not particularly ace about, myself--it is a great tote for anyone with back problems or sore shoulders.

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