Thursday, June 23, 2011

Smoking Lily Home: There's no place like it, but it's good to get away

Times Square (In case you didn't guess) This photo looks like I Google Image searched for Times Square and this is what popped up. I swear I took this myself.

My two best friends of all time moved away from Victoria, one right after the other, coming on a year now. They are off doing really cool things like living in Teaticket (aww so cute), Massachusetts doing research at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, and living in Hamilton, Ontario (now cooler thanks to Claire living there!) getting a Master's degree at McMaster University. Claire and her boyfriend were having some visitors who were New York bound, so of course Zoe and I were informed and plans were made.

This road is just minutes away by bike from Zoe's house. SO GORGEOUS (that's Cape Cod for you). I biked around here and took the ferry to Martha's Vineyard. Sigh. Sigh.... It was amazing.

Teaticket is about an hour and a half drive from Boston, and Boston is only a bus ride away from New York, so the next thing you know, the girls were reunited! I had the good fortune of being able to first to see what Zoe was up to in and around Cape Cod and Boston. Then, along with her and her boyfriend, we headed down to New York to meet up with the other six. It was a grand affair filled with good people, good sights, good food and awesome memories.

Paul Revere (he did that famous "The English are coming" thing). This is in Boston, of course. We followed the "Freedom Trail" and generally felt like we needed to do more research on American History.

When in New York I made sure to stop by the Erica Weiner store! We carry this amazing line of jewelry in our Johnson Street and Vancouver stores and I was really excited to go see her store front. There was a woman behind the counter, and after introducing myself she got excited and said that she was Erica and showed me around (it's so great when cool shops can have a mutual appreciation for one another!). I was so glad to have had the chance to meet her in person and to explore her adorable little shop (kind of like our tiny store!). I took a video, but unfortunately it is much too large to fit on our blog. Compressed it looks like a movie shot at the bottom of a murky lake...sadly, until I hone my AV skillz, you will have to make due with these few random photos I took other places.

I have a penchant for mail and objects to do with it... I wish we had cool post office mail boxes like this here! This is the post office in Hyannis, where Kennedy enjoyed vacationing.

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