Monday, June 6, 2011

Random Photos From My iPhone

We went to the Oak Bay Tea Party yesterday. So much fun, though my ride days are no more.

Shooting panda graffiti on Government Street.

My very first Smoking Lily scarf is still well loved.

One of Smoking Lily's new prints, garlic.

Have a great week.


The AfterCraft said...

I've noticed that panda making his mark around town. he's on the yates/broad crosswalk I think :)

Love your tea party photo!

Mia said...

I am loving Edgar, and the garlic.

Smoking Lily said...

Hi Sarah from After Craft. Love your Union Jack quilt!

Leah D. said... the garlic print? Any chance it will be on a t-shirt by father's day? Garlic is my dad's favourite food.

Smoking Lily Vancouver said...

Hi Leah, you can call or email in to us and we would be happy to set up a special order t-shirt emblazoned with our garlic print for your Dad! The price of a men's tee is $34. There is no extra charge for special orders. You could pick it up at any of our locations in Victoria or Vancouver,or we can mail it out to you. Turn around time is usually within 2 weeks, so let us know asap.