Thursday, June 9, 2011

O-Canada, O-Canoe

Have you heard the news about the Canada Day shindig that we are throwing at The Milkman's Daughter in Victoria on July 1st? Well, shindig might not be the right word. We are hosting an art show for Timothy Wilson Hoey, and a celebration of Canadian made products. For refreshments, Thrifty Foods kindly donated a cake!, and we will have sodas from the PopShop (I got vetoed on the kegger idea).

You can win one of Tim's paintings by entering a draw at the Fairfield Thrifty's in Victoria (no purchase necessary). I saw a photo of the painting online, a pretty awesome canoe.

The upcoming show has inspired me to create some new prints. Nicole showed you the Maple Pods a couple of weeks ago, and this week I finished the canoe print.

Handsome guy posing with his moose.

Linen throw with the new 'Canoe' print will be in stores soon.

I dropped off my vintage Governor General Horse Guards jacket to the cleaners this morning. I'm excited to have a place to wear it (maybe it is turning into a shindig).

We will announce more details closer to the event.


glenda said...

I love the new Canoe print! Looking forward to seeing the throws.

granitegirl08 said...

Ditto - love the canoe print and the idea of a linen throw! Can't wait to get to Canada to visit your Main street store!